The very same global centres who are condemning «muslim terror» and «fundamentalism of Islam», (like in Alexandria, Egypt) suggesting measures against specific targets according to their interests, the very same centres also promote mass muslim migration to Greece (1.000.000 muslims 1/11th of our population), trying to dechristianize and dehellinize the societry for the sake of «multiculturalism».

They support the «rights» of aggressive Islamists (see photo) and verbaly and moraly exterminate those Greek Orthodox who protest as «xenophobic» or «racist».

In the photo: an Islamic Organization of unknown funding and unknown background, just like that and without permission seized the area in front the University of Athens on Panepistimiou Avenue, to celebrate a muslim religious feast as if we were in Mecca.

The Greek art, spirit and letters under occupation. Literaly.

The question is WHO are behind all that? Something tells me it is not Islam itself. Islam is the means not the aim.


Here one of the websites they run. They claim that they didn’t have the money to rent a palce for their religious service but it seems that they do have the funds to run 4 propaganda websites in Greek and English.

They also publish here articles from NWO Greek press ( Ta Nea, Eleftherotypia) which belongs to the media, construction, petrol and business monguls and which are attacking the Orthodox Church.

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