Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu’s execution on Christmas Day 1989.
Twenty one years later, the zionists and the atheists rule over Romania, only this time in disguise as Euro-socialists.

HOPE in the 2011 the ANTICHRISTIAN new dictators will have the fate of Ceausescu.


A 40-year-old technician for Romania’s state television TVR, Adrian Sobaru, jumped off the observers balcony in Romanian parliament on December 23 to protest against government spending cuts, specifically allocations for disabled children.

The man, wearing a t-shirt that read «You have killed our future», jumped as prime minister Emil Boc was speaking in front of the two houses of parliament, which were due to vote on a no confidence motion later in the day. Boc’s government survived another no confidence motion on December 20.

The images show Sobaru wearing a white T-shirt, with the words «You’ve pierced us. You’ve killed our children’s future. Freedom,» in a reference to government policy.

The man sustained broken bones to his face and had a concussion, but his life was not in danger, doctors at ISU hospital sais, as quoted by Romanian media. He was sedated and would have to undergo surgery to repair the damage.

After the incident, the opposition parties that put forth the no confidence motion left the plenary hall, while the ruling Democrat-Liberals stayed on, but did not cast votes, thus ensuring that the motion was defeated, rather than postpone the vote for lack of quorum.

«I know and understand that many Romanians are doing very poorly and this is not anyone’s exclusive fault. The solution is not what we saw today in parliament,» Boc told reporters after the vote, as quoted by daily Evenimentul Zilei. «I ask for lucidity so that we can overcome these hard times. It is a tragic occurence that has shocked me too,» he said.

TVR said that its employee jumped for personal reasons and did not have any problems in the workplace, nor was he going to be affected by planned salary cuts. The no confidence motion debated on December 23 was linked to the new law introducing a uniform wage scale for state sector employees, which Romania has to pass in order to receive bailout funding from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

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