It was only the previous day that I happened upon a TV documentary about Da Vinci’s Gioconda. About how scientists would take the painting through x-rays to find hidden secrets about its past, the story of Gioconda herslef, assumptions over assuptions and theories over theories about a dead and anomymous woman that could be your mother at her young age.

Billions of euros around her, crowds pushing each other to make their way in front of the painting so that they would take a clumzy snapshot with their cellphones, as if the dead paint were a wonder-working icon healing the people from everything but from vanity and stupidity. And imagine: half of those guys would think the Orthodox christians are naive enough to venerate the image of a woman whose son at least calims to be the savior of the world, while themesleves are even prepared to pay to see the idol of anomymous woman whose enigmatic smile is a hint to their arrogance and mass confusion.

I told myself that I am not going back there since I think I have been in the Louvre in 1976.


The following day as I was driving and stopped at the traffic lights, there she was again…

The very same woman with the enigmatic smile. Only this time she was free and flexible, the breeze would make her move. Because now she was from paper. She wouldn’t mind if a lunatic would throw a stone at her, causing the… stock exchange of France to collapse.

She would move around the cars, smiling to the drivers asking them to take her to their place. And she wasn’t a whore – like some scholars suggested in the TV documentary about her, just because her hair was untied. She was just trying to feed the man standing for hours at the traffic lights, for more than the queue at the Louvre ticket office and for half the value of just one ticket.

At last, la Gioconda had broken her glass, escaped from her tyranny and she finaly found her purpose in life. She now has a good reason to smile. Those social meetings at the Louvre palace where everybody had to agree about Emperor Sarkozy’s and Obama’s new cloths were sooo boring.

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