When SIEMENS-NOKIA bribes rotten Greek politicians with 100 million Euros in order to «get the job»and passes this cost to the Greek people who are paying it back by LOANS

and the Deputy Chairman of Siemens also happens to be the CEO of DEUTSCHEBANK, Josef Ackerman, a Jewish-Swiss banker who is also a Non Executive Director of Shell and who bullies the Greek state and the Greek people in order to ENSLAVE them with horrible interests (so that they pay back the money with which he has bribed their politicians), do you ever expect to get the TRUTH from the mainstream media?


From Wikipedia

The 2008 Siemens alleged scandal in Greece was an alleged corruption and bribery scandal that hit Greece over alleged deals between Siemens AG and Greek government officials during the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens regarding security systems and purchases by Greek Telecommunications Company(OTE) in the 1990s.

Charges have, as of 27 August 2008, not been bought against any specific individual, as under Greek law charges can be filled against «any responsible person».

So far, no wrongdoing has been proved, either by Siemens, by Greek government officials, or anyone else.

Although there is no conclusive evidence, the alleged scandal has created a serious change in the attitudes of the Greek public, most notably a dissatisfaction with both main political parties in Greece, Nea Dimokratia and PASOK, and the alleged scandal may have been responsible for a shift of the electorate towards «third parties» such as SYRIZA and LAOS. In Greek press it is claimed that such political dissatisfaction, whether driven by the public imagination or real judicial evidence, may make certain politicians of the two major political parties split and form new parties, possibly destabilising the Greek elections system and creating a «hole of authority» leading to a vicious circle of political instability, if the Greek people don’t reach a new consensus over which major political parties best represent their ideals.

It has been claimed that the bribes may have been up to 100 million Euro. These bribes were allegedly given in order to win state contracts.

It is alleged that a few PASOK members acting as individuals may have been involved, although this is simply a claim and nothing has been proved or at least any evidence come to light.


PHOTOS: Ackerman gives Greek PM Papandreou the 2010 Quadriga Award for his… Services (of the submission of the Greek nation to the Global elite).

Ackerman giving a speach to the World Economic Forum.

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