>THE RULE OF THE 12 TRIBES (of the Anti-Messiah)

So you thought that the stars on the flag of the European Union represent the countries of the EU – something like the American States. Big mistake!

The number of EU countries is nowadays 27 while the number of the stars is 12, and the silly explanation they give is that:

The number of stars represents completeness while their position in a circle represents unity. The stars do not vary according to the members of the organisation as they are intended to represent all the peoples of Europe, even those outside European integration.

12 as completeness? What is this New Age neo-Gnostic Idea? Or is it about the… 12 Apostles or rather the… 12 tribes of Israel?

And why did the stars had to be yellow? Any similarities to Hitler‘s planned extermination or deportation of the Jewish proletarian people?

I wonder what Paul Levy, the Belgian-Jewish who picked this design among others would have to say…


Νομιζατε ότι τα αστερια στην σημαια της ΕΕ αντιπροσωπεύουν τα κρατη – όπως στην σημαια των ΗΠΑ; Μεγα λάθος!

Τα κρατη-μελη ειναι σημερα 27 ενώ τα αστερια σταθερά 12, και η γελοια αιτιολογία που δίνεται είναι

Ο αριθμος των αστεριών αντιπροσωπεύει την ολοκλήρωση ενω η θεση τους στην μεση του κύκλου αντιπροσωπεύει την ενότητα. Ο αριθμος των αστεριων δεν ποικίλοι αναλογα με τον αριθμο των κρατών μελών καθότι η προθεση είναι να εντιπροσωπεύουν όλα τα εθνη του Οργανισμού, ακόμα και αυτά εκτός Ευρωπαϊκης ενσωμάτωσης.

Το 12 ως ολοκλήρωση; Τι New Age Νεο-γνωστική αντίληψη ειναι αυτή; Ή μηπως αφορά στους… 12 Αποστόλους ή μάλλον στις 12 φυλές του Ισραήλ;

Και γιατι τα αστερια έπρεπε να είναι κίτρινα; Υπάρχει καμμια σύνδεση με τα κίτρινα αστερια του Χιτλερ και την σχεδιασμένη εξόντωση και απομάκρυνση των Εβραίων προλεταριων της Ευρώπης κατά Ισραήλ;

Τι θα απαντούσε άραγε ο Βελγοεβραίος αξιωματούχος Πωλ Λεβί ο οποίος επέλεξε τον συγκεκριμένο σχεδιασμό σημαίας ;



The Blazing Star, the five-pointed pentacle, first reminds us that the Fellowcraft degree is intimately linked to the number 5 and that the number 5 is itself intimately linked to the Star.

During the degree ceremony, the future Fellowcraft makes five symbolic journeys, his awareness of the five senses is heightened and he is educated in the five orders of classical architecture. He is consecrated as a Fellowcraft by five blows from the Worshipful Master’s gavel on his flaming sword. Henceforth, the Fellowcraft climbs five stairs to reach the doors of the Temple, he seeks entry by five distinct knocks, he enters making five regular steps and, in recompense for his untiring work from midday to midnight, his symbolic age is now five.

Finally, according to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, in the Second degree the Blazing Star is lit in the East, replacing the Shining Delta. It sits thus above the Worshipful Master’s throne and illuminates the Temple with its fivefold power.

One of the most striking illustrations of this “harmonious body” is found in the famous “Vitruvian Man”, where Leonardo da Vinci places Man, like a five pointed star, within a circle. We should remember that for Pythagoras’ adepts, the circle represented the kingdom of the spirit. If the body, assimilated with the Star, is the height of physical or terrestrial harmony, then the five pointed Star, as a pentacle drawn according to the precepts of the Golden Section, is that of celestial or spiritual harmony.

With each line he draws, the Mason wakes within himself the five elements which figure so prominently in hermetic teachings : Earth, Water, Air, Fire and, finally, Ether. The Blazing Star, just like the five-petalled rose, evokes the awakening of the fifth element, Ether, which had until then remained dormant in the hollow depths of the heart.

Thus, if one admits that the Blazing Star represents the Absolute, the Universe, the macrocosm, with at its heart the letter “G”, symbol of Sacred Geometry and of God, it also represents Man, the Initiate, the Freemason whose heart is illuminated by the Great Architect’s Light.

By etching the Blazing Star, the Mason unites the microcosm and the macrocosm. He transforms himself into an athanor and, by opening wide his five senses to the Truths which are hidden in the depths of his soul, he awakens the Ether.

Remember for a moment the words of St Peter in his Second Epistle: “until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts”. This is a beautiful image of the Fellowcraft’s quest, as he advances surrounded by darkness which dissipates little by little and who, in the course of his journey to the centre of the Earth, is not blinded by shadow but, on the contrary, perceives more light.

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