New-Style liberal Orthodox Procession (according to the Ecumenical Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender «Christian» Organization «Yhteys» as well as the «Orthodox» Christian Fellowship Sateenkaari seura [left] and the «conservative, fundamentalist and fanatic» one [right].

The above Organizations not only encourage their members to participate in secular activities such as Gay Pride, but they teach the followers of their Cult that pride is not a sin but a virtue. Moreover the claim that the church is fragmented according to one’s sex or sexual disorientation. For instance groups of very manly macho men, sexy ladies could form their own distinctive groups in the church.

Last but not least the Finnish-style Orthodox Church arranges special services specifically for homosexuals, while some of her priests participate in Gay Ecoumenical services as well as Gay «Orthodox» services as below:

Helsinki Pride 23.-29.6.2008

Helsinki Pride 27.6. Gay Pride Rainbow Service at Kallio Church at
18:00Yhteys Society participated on 28.6. in the Gay Pride Parade just previous years.

Jyväskylä Churchdays 21.-23.8.2009

Yhteys Society is participating during the Jyväskylä Churchdays in the Services, the discussion and with an information table.

Here we see a so called Christian Ecoumenical group participating in Orthodox Services in the City of Jyvaskyla with the identity of a Gay Ecoumenist. Also, in Helisnki we have services for Gays. If this is not a heresy and a cult that what else could it be?


Below Mr Jyrki Härkonen’s (Archbishop’s Theological Secretary’s) article that turns black to white and white into black.

The Question About Homosexuals is Complicating Relationships Between the Orthodox in Russia and Finland

Attitudes towards homosexuals is becoming the key issue of Orthodox church politics. The Russian media has presented the gay-liberal outlining of Finnish orthodox priests, which is strictly condemned by the Patriarchate of Moscow [as well as ALL Orthodox Churches].

According to Russian sources, the visibly positive attitude towards homosexuality in the Finnish Orthodox circles might expedite the Patriarchate of Moscow to take the decision to establish a Russian diocese in Finland. [According to personal sources, Mount Athos as well as other Greek-speaking Church would agree on that if those hereticals will not be removed from the Finnish Church]

Russian portals ”religio” and ”portal-credo” have especially drawn attention to the statements of father Heikki Huttunen, the General Secretary of the Ecumenical Council of Finland and an orthodox priest [also introducing with his presbytera ordination of women in the Orthodox church].

Huttunen is one of the Orthodox activists of Yhteys-liike (’connection’, ‘bond
of unity’), a movement fighting against discrimination of homosexuals in Finnish
society and churches [obviously Mr Huttunen cannot see or understand the difference between Chruch and society. They call as discrimination people’s protests against the aggression of gay activists who took over the Church. As far as I know there has never been the slightest case of discrimination against homosexuals unless we call as such the removal of a homosexual priest from the position of the Youth priest] and promoting the right of the employees of the churches for civil partnerships. [Mr Huttunen is picturing the godfather of his own son who is a married to a man gay and who wrote articles leaving hints that Jesus christ was a homosexual.] ”Patriarchia”, the official internet portal of the Patriarchate of Moscow released a piece of news in July 2006, telling that neither the head of the Orthodox church in Finland, Archbishop Leo, is not ready to judge homosexuality like the Russian Orthodox church does. [This is more than obvious, especially since his Theological Secretary is a gay activist]

In addition to this, the Patriarchate of Moscow mentioned by name those Finnish Orthodox priests who are involved in the activities of Yhteys-liike.
The attitude towards homosexuality in the Patriarchate of Moscow is absolute. [As it should be when it comes to Church ethics and morals.] The Holy Synod of Moscow cut off their relationships with the Lutheran Church of Sweden in December 2005, as the Swedish Church had decided to start giving blessing to same-sex unions.

Attitude towards homosexuals dispersing the Orthodox in Finland Three Orthodox theologians are demanding Archbishop Leo to prohibit Orthodox priests from being involved in the activities of Yhteys-liike. [Bravo!] According to the letter of these theologians to Archbishop, the gay-sympathies of the priests [some of them have also very good motives to do so] are making members of the Orthodox Church in Finland consider moving to other ecclesiastic institutions. [That’s whayt I would also do in their place. But despite of that the Archbishop is in favor of the ecoumenical gay mafia rather than the majority of the faithful who are scandalized.]

The letter written by Hannu Pöyhönen, lecturer at Valamo Lay Academy, Markus Paavola and Heikki Alex Saulamo also threatens that if the leaders of the church do not demand that the priests dissociate immediately from the aims of Yhteys-liike, ”the conscience of the writers demands them to act in another way in this issue”.Pöyhönen, Paavola and Saulamo are confirming that homosexuality is a question of church politics.

According to them ”it is yet more justified to spread other Orthodox jurisdictions into Finland, if our local church does not hold to the Orthodox teaching”. [This is no longer an Orthodox church]

Looking forward to sexual-political statement

The question of the attitudes of the Orthodox people towards homosexuals was raised in January 2007 when the Orthodox magazine Aamun Koitto interviewed father Heikki Huttunen and father Timo Lehmuskoski. [the editor in chief of the magazine is Huttunen’s gay friend who systematically writes blasphemus and provocative articles and sencors protest letters, including mine] In the interview Huttunen and Lehmuskoski encouraged the Orthodox people into open discussion about homosexuality, and to reconsider old interpretations about homosexuality, based on the fear of aberrance and anomaly. [Lord have Mercy! Homosexuality is considered to be something normal by an Orthodox priest and the orthodox dogmas that consider it as a sinfull situation as anomaly!]

Meanwhile Pöyhönen, Paavola and Saulamo are demanding the Orthodox council of bishops to make strictly condemning statement on homosexuality. They consider the statement of the council of bishops, made 8 years ago, to be inadequate. In that statement, given to the Finnish Parliament on behalf of the Orthodox church, the bishops give their support to the traditional family-institution but they do not condemn homosexuality.

© Jyrki Härkönen, March 2007 (The article of Jyrki Härkönen translated by Ortodoksinen Sateenkaariseura, 20.3.2007)


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